Rules and Event Info

Lonsdale MTK Global Box Cup

• All boxers competing must attend the initial weigh in on the 2nd April starting from 2pm through to 9pm over 3 weigh in stations.
• Weight allowances as per rules are allowed in semis and finals.
• All rules will fall under England boxing for this event and can be found here:
• Following the draw 1 hour after the weigh in closes on the 2nd April boxers only need to weigh in on the day they are fighting following the draw release thereafter.
• Where there are popular KG weight groups and 2 or 3 groups maybe formed.
• Boxers must win the Quarters, Semis and Finals to hold the Lonsdale MTK Global Box Cup title.
• Straight finals or semis do not count for holding the title unless the defending or retaining champion is within these categories.
• All Coaches and Officials MUST have valid CRB ID lanyards.
• The maximum of 5 Coaches are allowed
• 1 Boxer 2 Coaches
• 2 Boxers 3 Coaches
• 4-6 Boxers 4 coaches
• 7+ Boxers 5 coaches
• AIBA Medical Rules will apply throughout, please ensure your Boxer has no infections to fail there initial medical, the doctors’ rules are final.
• Weigh in will carried out by the jablinked team and assisted by the OIC for the tournament.
• All jablinked entry questions if you are stuck or having problem’s with your entries  to be sent by email to

Lonsdale MTK Global Belt Rules

• Champions must not be any heavier than 7kg from previous Years category entered
• Failing this KG Weight protocol as per rules will mean no Championship Belt Contest for the returning or defending champion but will not stop the contests from proceeding and become and open belt KG category for all boxers entered within that category.
• Champions are mandatory to defend their title in the following years box cup
• Champions who do not wish to defend their title the following year and are current belt holders must return the belt for the KG category to compete for as non-compliance to the rules entered into to defend to keep outright
Final KG weight cut off point 18th March 9pm 2020, no movement on KG or category thereafter or at the Scales 2nd April.
• Final Cut off point for boxers’ weights MUST be updated by logging on to your club profile here:

Box Cup Running Order 2020

Thursday 2nd April – from 2pm until 9pm all Boxers will Weigh in and have medical approval.

Friday 3rd April – Boxing commences 10:00am, ¼ Finals
Saturday 4th April – Boxing Commences 10:00am, Semi Finals
Sunday 5th April – Boxing Commences 10:00am, Finals

Lonsdale MTK Global Box cup Presentations 2020 will be held after the Finals on Sunday 5th April 2020 for the following categories.

Lonsdale MTK Global Box cup Overall tournament Best Boxer – Schoolboy / School Girl
Lonsdale MTK Global Box cup Overall tournament Best Boxer – Youth – Male / Female
Lonsdale MTK Global box cup Overall tournament Best Boxer – Junior – Male / Female
Lonsdale MTK Global box cup Overall tournament Best Boxer – Senior – Male / Female
Lonsdale MTK Global box cup Best Overall tournament Team 2020 – Male / Female
Lonsdale MTK Global Best Referee for the Tournament 2020

We hope you are as excited as we are and look forward in welcoming you from all corners of the Globe April 2-5th April 2020
Good Luck to all Boxers taking part
Kind regards
MTK Global  Box Cup team.